Toolzone 15Pc 1/2″ Shank Router Bits Tct

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Toolzone 15Pc 1/2″ Shank Router Bits Tct

The Toolzone 15Pc 1/2″ shank router bits tct are the latest edition from Toolzone to join the ToolChoice family. Perfect for all your carpentry needs.

Details and Specifications

Case Quantity– 10

1/2″ Shank, Tungsten Carbide Cutters, Sealed Bearings, Wooden Storage Case
Suitable For Chipboard, Mdf Board, Hardwood & Softwood
R3.2Mm(1/8”) Core Box Bit :: 4.8Mm(3/16”) Straight Bit Dia :: 12.7Mm(1/2”) Mortising Bit Dia
9.5Mm(3/8”) 90 ‘V’ Grooving Bit Dia :: 12.7Mm(1/2”) Dovetail Bit Dia :: 6.35Mm(1/4”) Straight Bit Dia
6.35Mm(1/4”) Panel Pilot Bit Dia :: 12.7Mm(1/2”) Straight Bit Dia :: 19Mm(3/4”) Straight Bit Dia
R4mm(5/32”) Roman Ogee Bit :: 32Mm(1-1/4”) Slot Cutter Bit Dia :: R9.5Mm(3/8”) Round Over Bit
R12.7Mm(1/2”) Cove Bit :: 30Mm(1-3/16”) 45 Degree Chamfer Bit Dia :: 12.7Mm(1/2”) Flush Trim Bit Dia


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